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The Ultimate Oahu Family Guide

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Legends Seafood Restaurant

Address: 100 N Beretania St., Honolulu

Phone: (808) 532-1868

This is a great place to find a yummy lunch in Chinatown. The shops and restaurants line the canal which are neat to look at. Some of the restaurants nearby have food on the menu that tourists may not recognize but Legends has a large menu with dishes that are typical of a Chinese restaurant.

OahuwithKids recommends trying some of the plentiful dim sum dishes that are brought around either in carts or on trays.  We also recommend the chow mein noodles which are very crispy and the sauce used for the chicken and beef on top isn't too heavy. The food is hot and delicious and hits the spot. It's best to know that the service will be slow because of how large and crowded the restaurant is so don't go there is you are in a hurry.

After eating, walk outside to look more in the water. The OahuwithKids family and were lucky enough to spot a big puffer fish which was so exciting.